Create Music Through Play

Miros merges a physical game with a digital experience, allowing children to actively engage in the music learning process from anywhere.

Miros has been created for children, music teachers and parents.

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We envision a world where every child can unlock his or her musical potential while having fun.

Our team connects music, pedagogy and technology to create playful experiences that support kids throughout their music learning journey. Our first observations show that Miros makes music learning more fun at school and at home. Children playing with Miros prototypes have shown more motivation to practice and feel more confident to improvise.

The Miros ecosystem is still in development. We are currently testing the overall experience in a music school. Thanks to our partnership with the Ecole de Jazz & Musiques Actuelles in Valais (CH), we are able to co-create a research-based prototype directly with children, music teachers and parents.

Miros develops core 21st Century Skills


Miros provides a platform for free form expression. By incorporating real world elements into game play, students are not limited to traditional music learning resources. Unlimited combination of cards encourage students to think outside the box and find answers as unique as the students themselves.


Play your instrument confidently. Miros develops a student's confidence in his ability to improvise, create, defend his ideas and really play with his instrument. It’s undeniable that different student profiles exist, which is why our game offers different categories of cards in order to meet the needs of individual students.

Critical Thinking

Learn through play. The Miros ecosystem we envision taps into a student’s curiosity and creativity to encourage hands-on problem solving, improvisation and social skill development. Playing alone or in groups, the game provides the right amount of challenge, helping the students to progress at the right pace.


Bring students together naturally. Miros play modes encourage interaction and collaboration, allowing for the development of social-emotional skills. Students learn by engaging, and with Miros, teachers are able to promote open-ended interaction and learning through discovery.


Open lines of communication with Miros. As students work together to overcome the different ideas and challenges, they also learn cooperation, gain social and emotional understanding of their peers, recognize the strengths of others in the group, and foster improvisation or public performance skills.


Create your own world. The content of our game not only calls on the students ability to create music but also contributes to developing key musical skills such as reading graphic scores, listening, auditory discrimination, applying music theory, and consciousness of one's body & instrument.

Meet the Team

Joris Favre - Co-Founder and Head of Music Pedagogy

Joris Favre

Co-Founder - Music & Pedagogy

Vignesh Venkatachalam - Co-Founder and Head of Strategy

Vignesh Venkatachalam

Co-Founder - Strategy & Operations

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